Our Self storage department was established as the second department and from the beginning of this department that dates to 2018., we have proved that the company rightfully deserves a spot at the very top also in this industry.

Self-storage services we can provide are the following:

• Units installation 
• Stair’s installation
• Fire protection ceiling installation
• Smart Tech unit installation
• Soffit installation
• Mobile Units installation
• Storage lockers installation

Our Self-storage department has participated on some of the biggest projects in this industry such as the one in Argenteuil/France where we successfully installed over 1.000 self-storage units.

When we talk about the size of the Self-storage department, we are one of the companies with the biggest number of installation teams, and we have proved our skills on over 500 projects all over Europe.

We provide a multibrand installation service, installing self-storage units for the biggest companies in the industry such as CSC Industries, Janus International, Self Storage Group Norway, Second Space Drift, PSL Limited, etc.